Friday, March 20, 2015

Book review: The power of habit

    The power of habit by Douglas Duhigg has been one of the better reads of the year for me personally. Although there are several things in the book I don't espouse or endorse, there are several other things, I have found to to be extremely helpful. On a personal level, Duhiggs explanations of how to form a habit, have been eye opening, and easy to apply. A combination that's always nice to find. There's even a brief section of the book where Duhigg explores faith and it's role in shaping new habits. While the data was good, the conclusions were debatable. 
     Habits can be changed. It might take some work, but it can be done. A message which is clear in the book, but not always so clear in our heads. The discussion, which I purpose is outside the range of this book; is will I be happy with my change? While it's true that habits can be changed, what's not true, is that "habit changes" feel authentic. An authentic desire to change, doesn't come via consequentialist revelations. What we understand about our habits doesn't mean a lot, until we first understand that our habits need to change.

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