Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Are oneness Aposotlics a cult?

Is the U.P.C.I a cult (or any other oneness movement for that matter)? Here is a debate conducted by Brother David k. Bernard, in which he defends the oneness movement against the wrongful accusation of being labeled a cult.


Helen B. @ Blue Eyed Beauty Blog said...

When I first became Apostolic about a year ago I was asked this question SO MANY TIMES!! It was hard for me to explain to others, but I think I eventually got it down. Although, someties I still have trouble with the quesiton.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they are totally a cult. Regardless of how eloquently someone tries to defend this group, the plain fact remains: cult...and a destructive one at that. So thankful I was able to get out of it after years of immersion.

The Prados said...

Dear Anonymous,
I think you should first classify what you consider to be a cult. It's not only disturbing, but troubling that Trinitarians classify anyone who does not believe in the Trinity as a cult..,"Well there goes half the world" including most early Christians (Apostles included). Now if your no longer religious at all then how you define a cult would interest me even more!

Yüz Germe said...

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Rinoplasti said...

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Anonymous said...

Oneness Pentecostals generally and the UPCI particularly are classified as a cult by the vast majority of Christians, and not merely for trivial differences. As I am certain you know, Oneness Pentecostal's teach that the Son of God is not eternal, that God is one person, and that baptism is a requirement for salvation- all of these doctrines are unbiblical and contrary to the biblical portrayal of both God and the gospel. Therefore, it is upon the basis of the Oneness rejection of truth in the name of Christianity that the title 'cult' is applied, and rightly so.

The Prados said...

Dear Anonymous,

Again, taking your position that would classify early Christians as a cult. I hope that you do understand that.For there are NO BIBLICAL nor HISTORICAL documentations that the Apostles were trinitarians. This is why the word trinity is NOT in the Bible.

As far as the doctrine of baptism and its necessity for salvation-that is explicit in text, and adhered to by many other denominations of Christianity. Fact.
The problem I find with claims like the ones you're making is that you are selective in the "cult branding" process. You would be very unlikely to brand and evangelical, that believes baptism is necessary as cultic, or even semi-cultic. At the expense of beating dead horses, I remind that many early Christian denominations believed that baptism was essential for salvation.

Lastly, let us not confuse what Oneness Pentecostals teach with what Oneness Pentecostals affirm. Yes, we teach that God is one person -but it's because we are affirming, what is perhaps the MOST fundamental doctrine in scripture, namely that GOD is ONE.
To teach otherwise, requires a person to extract ideas, terms, and philosophies which are not native to scripture, let alone to the people who penned the scripture.