Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the road and in Revival: Panorama City Revival - Pastor Gutierrez

This past week, my wife, Ayla, and I had the privilege of traveling down to Southern California to preach for Pastor Gutierrez. Without a doubt God is still adding to the Kingdom. In spite of all that's going on in our world, The NAME of JESUS continues to be a strong tower and refuge for those in need. Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. 
Ari Prado


Steven Carrisalez said...

It's great to see the Kingdom expanding!!! Also good to see the Guiterrez' having revival!!!

The Prados said...

I was just with your brother a few minutes ago. They Gutierez family speaks highly of you. Thanks for stopping by again.

Steven Carrisalez said...

Yeah, Gil told me that yesterday. Sorry about that no-reply. I thought I did reply, but i realized that I replied to the email I got to tell me about the comment. I would love to read your paper on philosophy and religion. I sure service was great in Sanger!!!