Friday, May 27, 2011

Light bulbs and cars...what's the difference?

I recently heard a story about a stock broker who was asked by a client to purchase stocks in G.M. [General Motors]. The stock broker, who had an intern working for him that summer, decided to trust the intern with making this simple transaction. The intern however, accidentally bought shares in G.E. [General Electric]. To everyone's surprise, the G.E. investment ended up yielding lucrative returns, in spite of the interns mistake. The news of this "folly turned favorable", got back to the client, who to say the least, was relieved. He called the stock broker that afternoon and said to him, "WOW, your intern must have magic in his hands, even his mistakes yield profits." The broker responded to his client by saying, "Personally, I'm not impressed. We are a reputable company working towards long term goals. Any employee who mistakes G.M. with G.E. isn't worthy of our companies praise."

The reality is that humans make mistakes. Truthfully, many of our short comings will work out fine in the end, neither God, or the existence He's gives us, is that unforgiving. However, there are times when God will place high premiums on accuracy. Although perfection [in the modern sense of the word] is beyond us, accuracy is not. I am personally convinced that one of the challenging aspects of Christianity is knowing when God wants accuracy from us.
As Christians, we need to consider that some deeds may seem insignificant at the moment in which they occur, but in fact, they are retroactive moments. In other words, there will be a price to pay down the road. Trying to get things right, is always the right thing to do. The problem with "getting it right" is that it never moves as fast as "getting it done". Is it any wonder that patience is one of the staple virtues of the righteous? The good thing about patience is that you can either pray for it, or just have it.


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