Monday, March 28, 2011


 Lately, I've been brewing over a word that appears only four times in the Old Testament. In Hebrew, the word is "seneh", our English Bible translates it  as "bush".  In particular, "seneh" refers to the thorny bramble bush that Moses encountered on mount Sinai. Moses however, would not be the only man whose interactions with God would involve thorns. The scriptures tell us that Jesus was crowned with thorns, and that Paul was given a thorn in his flesh.  All three of these men were faced with the paradox of giving life, while they themselves died slowly. I think "seneh" has something to say to us today, in that it reminds us to pray for the ministers {and their families}, who in spite of their pain, continue to bring us the word of life.

So then death worketh in us, but life in you.
The epistle of Paul to the church in Corinth

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