Friday, February 25, 2011

On the road and in revival

This morning, I woke up early and headed for Southern California. We had our first service tonight, and one received the Holy Ghost, (it never gets old). I'll be preaching out here for the next couple of days, and needless to say, I will be missing my wife and newborn baby. These last three weeks have been some of the most sleepless weeks of my entire life...NO ONE told me babies didn't sleep! (Or maybe I just wasn't listening.) Others have survived, and I suppose my wife and I will too. Thank God for family and friends who have helped us since day one, every lit bit has made such a big difference.


Jennifer Connell said...

What cute little baby toes. ;) Glad to hear somebody got the Holy Ghost! The lady that got the Holy Ghost last time you were here got baptized and is faithful in attendance. She's SO excited to be in church - it really never does get old! God bless the Prado family!

Joel and Angela said...

Yep. They don't sleep. Then magically they start sleeping, and just as fast as they learned to sleep, they start not sleeping again. You can kiss those sleep nights away. But as you know, it's so worth it. When you gaze into the beautiful eyes of your little one, you remember, and fall in love all over again with them.

Charity H said...

You guys are the most amazing parents!! Love seeing you with the baby

The Prados said...

Sorry it took us so long to respond. Blogging has slowed down lately. Thank you for your comments and prayers. Fortunately, were starting to sleep it just a matter of getting the little one "On the road and in revival."