Monday, November 29, 2010

Gettings things right

I recently heard a story about a stock broker who was asked by a client to purchase stocks in G.M. (General Motors). The stock broker, who happened to  have an intern working for him that summer, decided to trust him with making this rather simple transaction. The intern however, accidentally bought shares in G.E. (General Electric) instead. To everyone's surprise the G.E. investment yielded some very lucrative returns, in spite of the intern's mistake. The news of this folly turned favorable, got back to the client, who to say the least was very relieved. He called the stock broker that afternoon and said to him, "WOW, your intern must have magic in his hands, even his mistakes yield profits." The broker responded by saying, "Personally, I wasn't impressed. We are a reputable company who works with long term goals in mind. Any employee who mistakes G.M. with G.E. isn't worthy of our companies praise."

There's no escaping the reality that humans are going to make mistakes. Truthfully, many of our
shortcomings will work out just fine in the end-neither God or the existence He's granted us is that unforgiving. However, there are times in our walk with God when God will place high premiums on accuracy. Although perfection (in the modern sense of the word) is beyond us, accuracy, and exactness is not. I am personally convinced that one of the most challenging aspect of Christianity is to know when God is demanding accuracy out of us.
As Christians, we have to seriously consider that some deeds may seem insignificant at the time of their occurrence, but in fact, they are retroactive.  Someone will have to pay for our actions sooner or latter. Trying to get things right is always the right thing to do. The problem with "getting it right" is that it never moves as fast as "getting it done". It's little wonder that patience is one of the staple virtues of the righteous.

I would be the last person to argue that life doesn't always give us the luxury of being patient.There will be times when we have  to take risks and show a little bit of  chutzpah, but to many people go beyond chutzpah. I'm reminded of Abraham's nephew Lot, who was about to be destroyed along with the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, when suddenly there's a knock on the door. To everyone's surprise there are two angelic figures wanting to come in, but they are not alone. Behind them there is a crazed mob of rather un-angelic people. What Lot does next is mind boggling. He opens the door, runs out into the mob, and starts bargaining with them to take his family instead of the angels- as if angles can't protect themselves. This is a perfect example of what it means to go beyond chutzpah. It might have taken a lot of guts to stand up to the insane mob, but frankly, it was the wrong kind of guts. On the heals of all this, the angels explain to Lot that accuracy will now take the place of gutsy-ness. He and his family are commanded to leave the city running, and to never look back. Unfortunately, half the family fails at this simple task in one way or another. Remember Lot's wife?
So with new years resolutions around the corner and ambitions soaring high, let's not forget that getting things right is just as important as getting things done.


Charity said...

Amen to this post! My favorite portion (because I like to have a headliner of everything I read)"Trying to get things right is always the right thing to do. The problem with "getting it right" is that it never moves as fast as "getting it done." Absolutely one hundred percent true!

The Prados said...

Thanks for chiming in Charity. We hope to see you at the ugly sweater contest soon. LOL! Tell the family we say hello.

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