Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Students

Through the meltdowns, socially awkward moments, and cringing outbursts, my middle school students with their unique challenges say the cutest things:

Teacher: "Has anyone read an autobiography?"
6th Grader: "Does Amelia Bedelia count?"

"Isn't it a wonderful thing being a mother?"
                                            -7th Grader, in reference to me while staring at my growing belly

"I'm highly disappointed in the staff here."
                                            -7th Grader

"Maybe it's time for your first haircut."
                                           -7th Grader, in reference to my very long hair

"I'm actually a lot better at math than my mom is."
                                         -7th Grader
Setting: Spanish Class
Me: "Do you understand what to do for homework?"
7th Grader: " Well, no. The teacher doesn't speak English and I don't understand Spanish."


Joel and Angela said...

Those are precious quotes. Kids say some of the cutest things, yes even older teenage kids too. Thank you for sharing them. It put a smile on my face.

The Prados said...

I'm sure that you'll have to keep a journal of all the little funnies that your sweet baby will be saying soon! =)


Carol Connell said...

Hi Sister Jaimee,

Kids sure can say the cutest things. I came to a client's house a couple of weeks ago, and he was playing outside when I arrived. He was getting ready to come in the back door, and his mom said, "Josh, Carol's here." He looked right at me and said, "Oh no." It just made me laugh.

The Prados said...

Sis. Connell,
That's cute!!!
I forgot to mention my all time favorite line that one of the kids said recently, "I"m not going to hide my light under a bushel!"
Love you,