Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nine out of ten

Several weeks ago I was out preaching a series of services in the Northwest. One night while I was sleeping, I awoke to something rather startling. My hand had fallen asleep; this actually happens to me a lot, but that wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me was that my index finger refused to wake up with the rest of my hand. I shook it, massaged it, placed it above my head, dipped it in cold water, then hot water, but still nothing seemed to work. Finally, I went to bed thinking it would all go away when I woke up, but to my shock the numbness lasted all day and then some. I'm ashamed to confess this next part, but it's true. At one point, I began to reason that it wasn't so bad loosing the feeling in one of my fingers. Besides, I have two index fingers, and eight other fingers that work perfectly fine... right?!?!?  Last I checked, 9 out of 10 was pretty good. I am happy to announce however, that I did get the feeling back in my finger. But how pitiful of me not to care about one finger, simply because I had nine other ones that were fully operative. I think many times we take this approach towards our Christianity. We assume that because there are 50, 100, or  even 100,000,000 active Christians, our inactivity doesn't bother God too much. I don't think that's the case however, I think God wants full use of all His members.
It's always a good thing when someone determines that they're going to be used by God and accept the challenges that come with that calling. Whether our burden and labor is recognized by the "saint of the month" committee or not doesn't even matter. That's not what should fuel our sense of responsibilty.
It's believed that early Christians commonly greeted each other by saying, Maranatha, which simply means, "Come O, Lord" or "The Lord has come." Either way you look at it, this distinct salutation reminded believers that no one should be idle and careless. Whether were looking for the coming of the Lord, or we realize that the Lord has come in flesh, both are good reasons to not be sleepy, inoperative members of Christ's body. Even if we're just fingers.


Jennifer Connell said...

This is true! Every member is important. And I'm glad you got the feeling in your finger back.

Shannon said...

Numbness in the extremities can be a sign of poor circulation resulting in a blockage of synaptic activity.

I feel life experiences can act as a blockage in our spiritual circulation resulting in idle activity in our christianity.

Perhaps, a new perspective of the life experiences which resulted in the spiritual blockage may aid in restoring spiritual flow in our christianity.

This may not be the case for everyone, however i believe this to be the case for many.


The Prados said...

I definitely think I suffered this numbness due to some synaptic activity. Thankfully the feeling finally came back. I'm convinced however, as I stated in the post, that none of us can allow the numbness that life pushes on us to become a permanent thing.

Thank your for your comments.