Monday, August 16, 2010

Thank you Jon, a lesson in listening to locals

It's midnight, and I have finally arrived at my destination. I have been driving for six long hours trying to get back into California from Washington state. As I check into my hotel, the clerk (Jon), tells me about the restaurant across the street, which just so happens to be the only place open here in "No-where-ville." Without a moments hesitation, Jon warns me against ordering certain items on the menu. Do I listen? Of course not. Although my meal wasn't horrible, it could have been better - had I listened to the local. It appears that locals really do know best when it comes to their home towns. As I crossed the street back to my hotel, I thought about how the church has its own set of locals (sub-par food inspires me, what can I say?). Locals in the church usually get bum raps however, they're often looked upon as stuffy, and overtly traditional people who get in the way of things. But what about the good locals? Like faithful friends, and mature saints, who've been around the block a couple of times and earned their stripes. I can't tell you how many times listening to the voice of a church local has helped me. As I mature and quickly begin to phase from one chapter of life to the other, I realize how important church locals are in my life. Having been around my own block once or twice, I've learned that there's still no advice like "been there, done that" advice. So while others may poke fun at the locals, I've decided to appreciate them, and pray that God sends more of them my way.

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