Friday, July 16, 2010

The kind of solo that leaves us feeling so low

While self-preservation may be the law that governs animals, it's definitely not the law that governs humanity. We deliberately and intentionally behave in ways that threaten our own existence and safety. Cats will not jump off trees if they are uncertain about their ability to land. Humans, on the other hand, will perform deadly stunts to make the front page of the newspaper. Our world is saturated with all kinds of entertainment that either mimics or actually induce fatality. From eating dangerous fish, to bungee jumping off precipitous cliffs, humanity is fixated with the dangerous and deadly.

We need someone or something to walk with us, in us, and alongside us, in order to help insure our safety and survival. Whether that someone is God, a friend, or a spouse, it makes no difference, two is better than one when it comes to being human. Isolation is one of the devil’s favorite traps. In fact, many of the demons that were cast out by Jesus repeatedly cried out, “Leave us alone.”

Most people that I’ve seen who walk out on God, and on the church spend countless hours isolated, listening to nothing more than the nagging drum beat of “leave us alone”. I’m sure that there’s a lot of arguments that can be made in favor of having to be left alone, and needing to make decisions for oneself, but what about all the arguments that support the importance of making choices and decisions with the help of others?

Agur commended the locust in Proverbs 30:27, who in spite of their size, weakness, and lack of a king are still wise enough to travel in numbers. With only one life to live, I can’t help but to think that the more people we have helping us the better. While we may feel alone, and in some cases even wish to be left alone, the truth remains that the best thing for us is some one else - not no one else.

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