Monday, June 14, 2010

Update on Argentina

So far my trip has been very exciting. God has been filling a lot of people with Holy Ghost, and we still have about seven more days to go. I will be traveling out of Buenos Aires and into the neighboring state this next weekend. Hopefully I can post some more pictures and videos soon. Please keep me in your prayers.


Jesse Willoughby said...

This is very cool. Exciting that God is filling people with the Holy Ghost. How sad to see the poverty-stricken streets. We're praying for you to have a safe trip and that God will use you. Thanks for the update.

Joel and Angela said...

Love the video. That was really neat. It's gives you a little idea of the country. Keep safe!

The Prados said...

Joel & Angela,
Thanks! Hopefully we'll see you guys soon. If not by chance, then for sure when the baby is born. Here comes another Willoughby!