Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Looking for the first exit out of Exodus

Just a few days ago I finished reading through the book of Exodus. While hardly anyone could argue that the first half of Exodus is one of the most profound pieces of literature, the second half of this book seems to be a bit more complex. Though its undoubtedly a negative flaw on my part, I’m not very good a staying focused when the Bible speaks in detail about how to build a tabernacle, and sacrifice animals. At one point in my reading I made it a point to look toward the back of the book to see how many more chapters I had to go before I would be finished. Page after page, I thought to myself, what are all these instruction on the tabernacle and the sacrifice of animals saying to me? Then I slowly began to realize that it was to a man named Moses that these instruction were given, and my heart filled with envy toward this meek, and humble prophet. Why? Because here was a man that heard from God in great and exact detail. The scripture says that God spoke with Moses as a man does to his friend. It seems as though proximity and exactness walk hand in hand. The closer we are to God the better we understand His exact will. I’m sure that most of us at one time or another, have found ourselves in a trial and wanting direction, only to realize that our devotion toward God is outdated and found lacking. I’ve always envied people who have clarity regarding God’s will. At first, it seems mysterious how people achieve this clarity, but with time its obvious that there’s no mystery at all. These are people who have decided to be instant in and out of season. They’ve walked with God up the mountain, and down through the valley, and their reward is the greatest one of unobstructed view of God’s exact will.

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