Thursday, April 29, 2010

MacArthur isn't the only one keeping his promise.

General Douglas MacArthur came from a long line of military men. Both his father and grandfather were devoted to the defense of their country. It seemed only natural that General Douglas MacArthur should follow in their footsteps. General MacArthur, fought in more wars than any other person alive in his day. In World War I, he was the most decorated solider of the U.S. Army. Later, he went on to participate in two other conflicts, World War II and the Korean War. General MacArthur knew what it was to have great victories but he also knew what it was to have great defeats. On two occasion, he suffered the greatest losses in U.S. military history. The first loss came in the the Philippines where General MacArthur was pinned down on an island, and surrounded by Japanese forces. It quickly became obvious that few people were going to make it off the island alive. General MacArthur was then asked by his fellow soldiers to escape off the island while there was still time. This was not easy. General MacArthur had already decided that it was more honorable for him to die with the 700,000 U.S. and Filipino soldiers than to save his own life. After arguing with him for some time, they persuaded him to escape off the island with his wife and children. Shortly after leaving he decided to write the people he left behind a letter, assuring them that one day he would return.
General MacArthur finally returned two and a half years later. Unfortunately, one third of his soldiers had died.
Jesus assured us thousands of years ago that He would return one day. As we speak, the whole world hangs in the balance of this powerful promise. Within this promise however, He attached a strong admonition to His followers, “In patience, posses ye your souls”.

Jesus understood that His followers were going to have to be patient, especially as they neared the day of His return. The pressures were not only going to come from within, but from without as well. The Apostle Jude tells us that some people will laugh at the idea of Christ’s return, let alone laugh at the people who live like they believe it.

Jude 1:17 But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts.

The Apostle Peter in his second epistle, tells us that patience is an additive that must be tacked onto our faith if were to keep from falling. Paul declared, “having done the will of God, you are in need of patience.” The apostles understood that from the moment they received the Holy Ghost the “Last days” had begun, after all that’s exactly what the scriptures declared. The Apostles didn’t desire to scare or spook people out with the gospel they preached. Instead, their desires were deeply rooted in getting people ready for the day of Christ’s return. As far as were concerned, the task of getting ready isn't difficult on an informational level, especially when we consider that the Bible is clear on how to be saved. What does take effort, [if not all our effort] is to live in such a way that reflects Biblical prophecy. The reality that prophecies are coming to pass everyday demands a visible, lifestyle response on our part. Responding to the gospel and its mandates is a decision that only takes seconds, what's beautiful is that the rewards last an eternity. It seems to me that today is a good day to win a soul, and live for Jesus.


Charity said...

I love the connection between MacArthur and Jesus. MacArthur is one of my heroes-because of the leadership stance he took as well as his strength as a leader and man of principle. "I shall return" is a promise that I cling to everyday. Knowing that HE is coming soon helps me to stay focused and draw others to Christ!
Love you guys~Charity

Jamil said...

[claps] Great encouragement, bro! :-)

The Prados said...


Thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. I tried commenting on your blog but technology wasn't on my side. For whatever reason it just wasn't working. Keep loving Jesus, and keep in touch.