Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Considering the source

I can remember very clearly the first time I read in the Bible where Moses is told that he will not enter into the promise land, but that he will die instead. It's hard for me to convey the mixture of feelings I had when I read this passage as a new convert. What seems interesting to me about this scenario are all the events the led up to it, but in particular one catches my attention. Moses, has light heatedly gone down in history as the first guy to break all Ten Commandments. Of course, we understand that his breaking of the tablets was due to his anger regarding the children of Israel's idolatry and lewdness. Surprisingly enough however, Moses' breaking of the tablets is not mentioned as a mark against him when it comes time for him to die. Instead, he's reprimanded for not sanctifying God in the eyes of Israel during a situation that involved a rod, a rock, and some water. Although God tolerates our sad toggling between making and breaking commandments, He seems to frown upon us not giving Him the glory for all His provisions, especially when in the presence of other people. Israel was desperately needing to understand that provisions and blessings were not the by-products of countries, and national powers [Egypt to be exact], but that they were the results of God's promises. I write this post as a friendly reminder, that no matter how much or how little we have, let's not forget to sanctify God, and let the world know that what we posses is the by-product of promises and blessings.


Carol Connell said...

Great post, Bro. Prado. May we never forget that everything we have - material things, success that may come our way and our talents, are all because of Jesus. God bless you and your sweet wife.

Sis. Connell

Anonymous said...

God sure is needy.