Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Weekend

Last night, was the beginning of a great weekend. We preached at the Rock Church for their Reunion Youth Service for our friends and TRGYC youth pastor, Bro. Johannes and Tawni Escudero, in Elk Grove. They are doing such a wonderful job with the young people. But what a tremendous service! From the beginning of worship, God was already there and moved in a powerful way in the altar call. It was one of those landmark services where commitments were renewed and dedications made. God bless The Rock Church.

Tonight, we will be driving to Grass Valley for another youth service. We are expecting great things and tomorrow we will be in Elk Grove again.

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One of Kevin said...

wonderful day.
I should believe there is a GOD in my heart,too.
I think you are great.anyway.
I mean,your blog and your life.