Thursday, October 22, 2009

Space exploration

So many times I have thought of space as something needed when relationships become burden or strained. Lately however, I've come to discover that space can actually work in favor of a relationship. Space creates desire, and the amount of space we feel between ourselves and a person can push us to reach out to that person. In the Bible angels are always depicted as standing, unless they're fallen, then they walk, i.e. satan. People on the other hand are always depicted as walking or running. As humans it's important that we remain mobile, because there's a lot of space that needs to be covered. To much of our lives are spent meddling with the wrong kinds of space. We get stuck in the eye of the needle, looking at the space in our closet that can accommodate a new suit or a pair of shoes. But what about the space between us and a lost world? The great commission is a call to focus on the right kinds of space in particular, the space between God, humanity, and the Church. Our space program is no less important than the space programs run by governments and scientists. Every person we meet or already know is an eternal being capsuled in a human body. The vastness and density of human affairs and how they translate into eternity is mind boggling, little wonder that Paul was moved with urgency to write, "Today is the day of salvation." It only seems fitting that in these last days we constantly remind ourselves to focus on the right kinds of space. Family, friends, and strangers are all counting on us.

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