Monday, March 9, 2009

Church and Today's Fashion Faux Pas

March 3rd, Tuesday
We were in San Jose with Bro. Shoemake and had a phenomenal service. God moved in a mighty way during the altar call.

March 6th, Friday
We drove up Friday morning to the No Limits Conference at the Rock Church in Sacramento. We heard great preaching, saw friends, and met new ones. The funniest thing was that many people mistook Lynna, my twin sister, for me and were shocked to see her with someone else! 

March 8th, Sunday
On Sunday, we had a morning service with Bro. Connell in Oakley. We had great church and we are so excited for what God is doing there. They have a new building that they have been in since October. The church has done a wonderful job of remodeling it. 

On another note, my fashion faux pas......

March 9th, Monday
To my utter horror today at work, I realized that I was wearing mismatched boots; 
black on the left and brown on the right. They are the same style, but I was embarrassed!



Jennifer Connell said...

I had a good time with you guys Sunday, despite my exhaustion. lol The boots made me smile...I would be embarrassed too. Love you!

Jesse & Lynna said...

I told Jesse about your shoe episode and he couldn't stop laughing. Are you making me lunch after work on Friday? Luke and I will be really hungry.

Candice said...

Hey girl it was so nice to see you at No limits. Its been forever and a day since I've seen you all.

Cherylg said...
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Cherylg said...

Just to let you know, I've gone to work with 2 different running shoes on!! I put them on in the dark as I was running out the door to work. All I could think about, "was what did others think?"

Anonymous said...