Monday, March 23, 2009

Church and More

Where haven't we been?
Yesterday, we traveled pretty much the northern part of California! My poor husband hurt his back on Saturday, but still drove (I insisted that I drive) for our three services- Oakley in the morning, Citrus Heights in the afternoon, and Fremont in the evening. Nevertheless, God moved in a mighty way. The week before, we also preached at the Fremont and Oakley churches. This past Thursday evening, one of the Oakley saint's grandaughter received the Holy Ghost. She was so cute- she was about five years old and she came up to the altar praying without any shoes on.

On Friday and Saturday evening, we went to Oakland Tabernacle's Anniversary service. It is amazing to see the Oakland church growing and thriving. I remember being apart of that church when it used to be in Alameda and then when it moved to Oakland. And boy, do we have some stories about the people we've encountered! 

On Saturday after the anniversary service, Leah and I (Ari stayed behind because of his back) got to spend time with our dear friends, LeSharon and Crystal Escudero, and our new friend Marissa. We had a time- eating so much at the famed La Pianta restaurant in Alameda, sharing a HUGE sundae at Tucker's, running down the street in heels, taking other people's tables at the restaurant (ahem...LeSharon), and giggling like little girls!  It was such a treat to spend time with them since we don't get to see them often! 


Anonymous said...

What fun we had...old memories reminisced and new memories made! Let's do it again soon. I love you!


(tell leah to email the pix!)

The Prados said...

Next time we'll make sure the third Herras girl comes!
Love you more,

Carol Connell said...

We were thrilled to hear about little Jocelyn receiving the Holy Ghost. Sunday night, a little boy received the Holy Ghost at Bro. Savala's church. There is just something so precious about seeing kids filled with the Holy Ghost.

Thank you both for ministering at the church while we were away. Love you.

Anonymous said...