Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

I recently came across a true story regarding the once famous T.V. Icon Mr. Rogers. It turns out that several years ago his car was stolen. The local news paper and radio went on a blitz announcing and denouncing the stealing of this kind man's car. Well, not very long after that his car was returned to him with a small note reading, “Had we known it was your car we never would have stolen it.”

That fact that our society is rapidly declining does not mean that we ought to lose hope in humans' ability to tap into something altruistic that God has put in them, even car thieves. In fact, what these car thieves did by returning the car was a great moral achievment. Maybe not on the level of good , wholesome, church going, law abiding citizens, but they don't live on that level to begin with.

And while they may have not done our best (“our” meaning people who would never dare steal cars) they did their best. Wouldn't we all agree that the most righteous thing a thief could ever do is return what they have stolen? We lose hope in people when we expect them to live on high moral plains, when all they've ever known is low moral gutters. I hate fear more than any other feeling, and the more I lose hope in what God can do in seemingly hopeless peoples lives, the more fearful I become.

It's far too easy for our perception of life to morph into a surreal dark alley that's filled with car thieves, gang-bangers, purse snatchers and every misfortune under the sun. And maybe life does have an absorbent amount of all this, but deep from within God's word there comes the clear and certain promise that where sin did abound GRACE did much more abound. Amen.