Friday, February 6, 2009

Ari's Book review: The Book of Romans

The book of Romans is believed to have been written around the mid to late 50s A.D. It is the first book that we read directly after Acts and sets forth many of the fundamental beliefs and doctrines of the Apostle of Paul. What stands out most to me regarding Romans is what Paul accomplishes in writing this beautiful letter. Simply put, Paul tackles the disturbing truth that all humanity when left to itself is unrighteous (3:11). Thus all people must rely on the absolute righteousness of God to justify them. Paul goes on to enlighten us by stating that the reason for the Mosaic Law was to reveal to mankind that it is sinful. Without moral codes of any sort, man justifies himself and anything he does is easily made permissible. Therefore, the Law should not be used as a means of salvation, (for it is weak 8:3) but rather as a means of acknowledging the need for salvation. In short, Paul makes it clear that being in Christ does for us what we or the Law can't do for ourselves and that's to justify us before God.

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