Monday, January 19, 2009


Sunday, January 11th
Two Sundays ago, we had the privilege of preaching for Bro. Jonathan Shoemake's monthly Spanish service. In the evening, we were also with the Shoemakes where my husband preached "Over my Dead Body." It was phenomenal; it was the type of service where you just couldn't or wanted to leave. There was such a lingering presence of God.

Friday, January 16th

We attended the Revivalution Conferences in San Jose. Bro. Scott Graham preached an awesome message titled "Stay out of the Woods." It was great seeing young people committing and recommitting their lives to God.

Sunday, January 18th

Livermore, Ca
On Saturday evening, my husband was called to preach for Bro. Stuart Young. The Youngs are such a wonderful and committed family- they also have three beautiful daughters. We had an awesome service! And besides, I love Sunday morning services. Since we evangelize and our church schedule often fluctuates, it is a treat to be in a Sunday morning service.

Hayward, Ca
Directly after our first service, we were with Bro. Caesar Silva. The church is growing and there were so many visitors in attendance- just last week they baptized 5 new people!

San Mateo, Ca
We were able to be in three services yesterday and sometimes that is contingent upon churches' schedules -especially Spanish churches. Another great service!


Anonymous said...


It was so nice to have you and your husband with us last Sunday. I appreciate your sweet spirit and most friendly smile! I look forward to spending more time with you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired just reading this. Go take a nap or something, please. Love you! Siena

The Prados said...


My wife unfortunately does not believe in taking naps...will you please talk to her. lol

The Prados said...

Thanks for stopping by. It was great being in service with the Livermore church.

You are too funny...I have some work stories to tell you as soon as I see you!
Love you!