Friday, January 23, 2009

Being the best or being your best

At first, it almost seems like a play on words when we think about being the best and doing our best, but there is a difference.  The difference is that they are  pitched from  different platforms. The platform of being your best is pitched from the desire of wanting to be better than others. To be the best at something does not address the integral question of whether or not someone has actually done their best. The fact that someone is better at something than many of us or all of us does not mean that they are doing their best. They indeed may be very talented, but how greater reaching would their accomplishments be if they did their best? When someone sets out to do their best the platform from which they begin is one of honesty and integrity. They ask themselves the question that no one ever seems to asks an accomplished people, "Did you do your best?" It's funny to think that  the only people who get asked this question are the ones who are not "succeeding." When is the last time you heard a sports announcer ask the winner of any competition, "Did you do your best?" In some Jewish schools of learning, children's grades are not read out loud or made public until they reach junior high school. The reason for this is to insure that the child isn't focusing on whether they did better or worse than  their classmates,  but rather if they did their personal best. General broad scales of testing may reveal intelligence and even determination, but it does not reveal if goals were pitched from the point of integrity. And when integrity is mixed with intelligence the world benefits.