Monday, January 26, 2009

Ari's Book review: The Numerati

Stephen Baker's book, The Numerati, is nothing short of an eye opening account of the way things are heading in our modern age. There are undoubtedly parts of this book that not everybody will find interesting, but it's equally doubtful that you will not find some part of  this book totally interesting. In short, the book has a little something for anyone who is interested in how technology and number crunching is going to affect them in the very near future. This book is a hands down,  "HEADS UP" kind of book. And in case you are wondering, it is not one of those weird conspiracy cook books that can only be found on militia web sites.


Jen Fernando said...

My question is, when are you finding the time to read all these books? I barely have time to read my mail....haha So are any of these books on tape? I think of you guys often and hope we can come for a visit some time next year. I would love to see you...two of my favorite people...became one. I love you guys and appreciate your prayers.

The Prados said...

We would love if you all came out. What a treat that would be! I'd have to ask Ari if any of these books are on tape...I'm sure they are.
Love you all,

Anthony said...

Hello, Ari.

You may or may not remember me. My name is Anthony Petry. I believe we went high school together. I used to live in Cupertino and went to Cupertino H.S.

Someone I knew from middle school recently sent me a message through facebook, and I began to wonder how some of my old buddies were doing. I googled your name and found this blog. I checked some of the photos and was certain I had the right Ari.

I'm glad to see that you are doing well, and would like to congratulate you on your recent wedding. I am recently married too (12/16/06). I recently moved from Austin, TX and now live in Houston, TX.

If you'd like you can email me at apetry7 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Anonymous said...