Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quick Glimpse


My husband is still in Washington and will be coming home soon. Church has been going well. Praise God! Below is a picture of the Mayos- you just gotta love them!


On another note, I'd like to take you to the world of autism. I work for a nearby school district that has a program designed for middle schoolers who have been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, autism, ADD, and/or ADHD. When you meet these students, who are mostly boys, you wonder do they really have this disorder? They function so well in many areas, but struggle with certain issues.

Many of these students are SO bright, but many of them often don't understand the rules of social skills/interaction. So this combination definitely leads to interesting days! For example...

1) Students making sudden outbursts that draw a considerable amount of attention to themselves. Like when one of the cutest 6th graders you'll ever meet asked the teacher LOUDLY ( from the back of the room) during her lecture, "And WHAT does this have to do with our lesson?!"

2) Students can be extremely rigid and stubborn. For example, one of my 7th graders left his pencil in another class yesterday and was SO intent on going back to that class to find that pencil. Mind you that this was several class periods later and he had a pouch of 15+ pencils he could choose from. Since I wouldn't let him leave the class that we were in, he said that he wasn't going to participate. An outburst like this can sometimes lead to meltdowns that include hitting the forehead on the desks, angry movements, crying, ripping things up, etc.

It's an interesting world, but never a boring one!


Jennifer said...

Hi Jaimee-

Sorry we didn't get to finish our conversation on Sunday because I got called into Brother Kerr's office. LOL I was wondering if I was in trouble or something, and all he wanted was to show me his new bike..hehe! Anyhow, sounds like it would be very interesting to work with all those kids. I've kind of thought about doing that type of thing but I'm not

Carol Connell said...

Hi Jaimee,

I had my first experience this week watching an autistic child. He is 8 years old and has a younger brother that is 3. The older boy seems pretty bright, but I have to keep an eye on him, becasue he likes to wander, and he will get into things. I remember sustitute teaching a few times with special ed. students when I was in my twenties...........long ago. LOL

The Prados said...

Don't worry about it! I totally understand....we can finish our conversation next time! =)

Sis. Connell,
The stories are endless when you interact with this children! It was good seeing you and your family on Sunday.

The Prados said...


*These children

Monica Hassas said...

Can't wait for Bro. Prado to return home. We miss you guys, and are looking forward to our next dinner!