Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pescadero anyone?

This Saturday, my wife and I decided to take a little trip. We headed south on the coast to a little city called Pescadero. It’s about 26 miles from where we live. The drive was beautiful, but then again when has Highway 1 ever been considered otherwise? So here’s the deal; my wife and I had heard of a small deli that sells hot, freshly baked, artichoke bread that is absolutely delicious. The place is called Arcangeli Grocery Co. We were not disappointed when we got there. We walked through the front door and straight into a garlic herb, artichoke heart, freshly baked, hot bag of bread utopia. We bought some cheese, salami, and a couple of drinks with our bread and headed to the picnic area outside the market. That poor bread did not last but five minutes in our presence. The rumors were true. Aside from the gas, our whole trip cost us a little over ten dollars. But man was it worth it. I recommend this trip for anyone (who is not on the Atkin’s Diet)- it is a must. If you do decide to go, bring a knife to cut your loaf of bread, otherwise you’re going to look like some prehistoric people who just stumbled across bread for the first time. The bread comes in a whole loaf uncut and sprinkled with all kinds of herbs and garlic, so it is a touch on the messy side. If you want more info, just Google the words, “artichoke bread pescadero,” and it will come right up. You can also go to Enjoy!