Monday, July 21, 2008

Three Services

Yesterday we had an awesome time in service. Since my husband preached in Citrus Heights in the afternoon, we went to the Rock Church in the morning. Bro. Doug Morgan preached a great message titled "The Benefits Package." It was also good to see our dear friends, the Escudero family.

Our afternoon service was great. We were in Citrus Heights, which is about 30 minutes from Elk Grove with the Galvezes. My husband also preached that previous Thursday where a lady, a former Trinitarian, came up to my husband after church and said that she had been struggling with the oneness of God. Even though she had been going to church, no one had ever explained the oneness of God to her. And that night my husband felt to preach on the Oneness doctrine and unknowingly even used her and her husband as props during the preaching to explain it. She had even been praying a few weeks prior to the service that God would help her to understand it and that night she left understanding who God is! God answers prayer.

In the evening we were with the Shoemakes in San Jose. We had a great time in church. My husband preached about the "Divine Imperative," which is knowing the voice of God in our lives. It was SO awesome. A young Filipina lady, Jessica, received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus' Name. It is always a blessing to be there with such a great church. We also love being with our friends the Hassas Family and the Wests.

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Monica Hassas said...

We always enjoy having you and can't wait until you stop by again! love ya