Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Willoughby Wedding

Friday, May 30th was Jesse and Lynna's wedding! It was beautiful. Lynna designed her own dress and she looked darling in it. The wedding ceremony and reception took place in downtown San Jose at the classy Corinthian Event Center. Jesse sang "You are so beautiful" to his bride, which no doubt made everyone cry. The wedding was just wonderful- bridesmaids Yvette, Leah, LeSharon, Crystal, Mei-ling and I even got the nerve to sing "L-O-V-E" at the reception. The funniest thing was that the other single bridesmaids made it a point that they were going to "fight" over the bouquet after Lynna tossed it. The hilarious thing was that by the time Leah, my little sister got the bouquet, many of the petals were missing and scattered all over the floor!
I don't have that many good pictures of the wedding in general, but Sam Hassas photographed their wedding, which I'm sure will be posted soon. He is such an awesome photographer- he even had all of the bridal party running down the street (IN DOWNTOWN San Jose mind you ) for a photo!
My pictures or words don't do the wedding justice. For more pictures, visit Sis. Connell's blog and her daughter's http://www.jen-elise.blogspot.com/. But I'm so happy for my twin sister and brother-in-law Jesse!!


Carol Connell said...

Everything about Jesse and Lynna's wedding was just beautiful. I'm glad our family was able to be there. I thought it was funny that Leah caught the bouquet. It was good seeing you two again. :-)

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Sis. Connell,
I just love weddings! It is always good seeing you and your family!