Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A spoonful of medicine helps the sugar go down

So the other day while surfing the net, I came across a clip of the once famous Mary Poppins movie. I can't honestly say that I ever liked musicals or Mary Poppins, but this time the song and the clip caught my attention. Not for its musical content, but for its visual contradiction. As many of you know, the title of the song is not as I posted it in the title box of this blog. When you carefully watch the video clip as well as hear the song, you begin to notice a stark contradiction. Mary and the kids are singing a song whose message is clear and wholesome. The song melodically declares that a positive outlook and a little whistle blowing, can make any inescapable task or job easier. This is actually a great idea- kudos to the person who wrote it. I mean think about it, here you have a song that couldn't be more contrary to the music of today. The song in so many words is saying that there are somethings in life that just have to get done and no matter how unpleasant they are, your attitude is what will determine your experience. MAN, that's great.
But wait...Mary has just blinked, snapped her fingers, and endowed the kids with special powers. All this to make cleaning their room a magically easy chore. Why? I'm glad you asked. Hollywood is not allowed to portray the reality of life. It rather contradicts itself than tell the truth. Besides... unhappy, effort filled, blood sweat and tears, kind of endings are not good for buisness. Contrary to popular opinion Hollywood's biggest seller is not sex, violence, and scandal- it's happiness. Hollywood much rather create hundreds of movies a year, where an average person who reminds us of ourselves does extraordinary things. These are the movies that sell. Movies that makes everyone feel like a hero in civilian clothes. Hollywood capitalizes on the fact that people prefer to live their lives vicariously through others. We all wish we could be great, but it is enough for the guy, or girl on the screen to be great for us. Afterall, it's hard work being great. Great people don't snap their fingers, wiggle a nose and "POOF" the hard works gets done. Great people go to sleep crying at night from a hard day's work. Great people save and invest their money to get ahead. Great people fight to keep their marriage together.
The Bible is not a book that can be compared to a Hollywood script. Even when Hollywood makes Bible movies, they shy away from the realities of the Bible. Let's take all the movies made in regard to the Exodus. All end on this high happy note. We see Moses atop a hill overlooking the newly liberated people of Israel. It's pretty and beautiful just the way Hollywood wants it. That's not how things end in the Bible, however. I remember the first time I read the book of Exodus, I was "SHOCKED" to discover that Moses had to die because of one mistake he made. Not a happy ending there and neither was it pretty that a journey which should have only taken 11 days lasted 40 years because of idolatry,lewdness, murmuring, and rebellion. Though these are all things Hollywood sells, they don't want for these acts to be viewed as things that snuff out the happy endings of life. It's bad for sales. So they market a spoonful of medicine to make the sugar go down.


Carol Connell said...

Great post! One of the reasons I love the Bible and believe that it is the Word of God is because it paints people as they really are and doesn't sugarcoat the fact that we have a sinful human nature. God not only reveals our sinfulness through His Word, but He tells us what to do about it. What a wonderful God!

Shannon said...


How well spoken!

Truth, truth, truth.