Thursday, June 5, 2008

En Passant- Book review : Ghetto Nation

That is so ghetto. We have all said it at one time or another. But what does it really mean to be ghetto? This is what Cora Daniels attempts to tackle. Is ghetto something that is restricted to economic levels, race, or social ills? The answer is NO. We all can be ghetto. I think the big problem within our society today is the idea of a disconnectedness. It is a flawed theory to assume that what one person does on a rung of the social ladder has little or no ramifications on me. Being ghetto has affected us all. White folks can be ghetto, African- Americans can be ghetto, Hispanics can be Ghetto-the list is endless. No one is beyond the reach of the deadly ghetto arm. The book was insightful, but a touch too explicit for me. I can say, however, that after I read it, I gained a new distaste for the ghetto side of things. Ghetto is being glorified today and it's just not right. Though Daniels does not attempt to touch on a religious aspect of ghetto-ness, the reality is that ghetto appeals to the base nature in us all. And when people are marketed and targeted via these means the results are always sad.

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