Monday, April 28, 2008

My Twin's Bridal Shower

Lynna and Jesse are getting married on May 30th! Last Saturday was her tea party theme bridal shower where the the ladies wore hats! My cousin Marissa made the invitations for it. The invitation was a card with a picture of a tea cup and a little clear pouch glued onto the card with the invite card inside the pouch, which was supposed to be the tea bag/invite card. The theme was "Love is Brewing."

Here are some of the bridesmaids starting from the left: Mia, not a bridesmaids, but will be walking some of the children down the aisle in the wedding, Yvette, Crystal, LeSharon, me, bride-to-be Lynna, and little sister Leah in the front. Bridesmaids Mei-ling and Annette are MIA.

My darling niece, Ellie Soliel Herras

Chris and Shakira with their hats

Here is Ellie's brother, Luke. He is wearing one of the hats that my very creative and lively aunts made!

One of the things Moni got Lynna were these great mugs with the letter of her future last name!

Another great present- a stylish picnic basket!

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