Monday, February 25, 2008

The Weekend

       General MacArthur in the middle
Over the weekend, my husband and I were in Stockton with Bro. Maldinado's Spanish church. Many received the gift of the Holy Ghost during the revival and God moved in a mighty way.
Since my grandparents live in Stockton, we spent some time with them. My grandmother, who we call Lola, made us delicious lumpia.
On Friday, I went to their place by myself and talked with Lola about her childhood. What was so interesting about this conversation was that she had a personal experience with a great historical figure, General Douglass MacArthur. Recently, I became intrigued and impressed with his command and work during WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. While Lola talked about her WWII experience, she said that General MacArthur actually came to their home. I was so surprised.
Lola's father was apart of the Filipino-American army in the Philippines and lived on a military compound with her family. Before General MacArthur was the general, he was in close contact with the Philipines. The story goes that all of the military families competed for the cleanest home and my Lola's family won. The person to award and inspect the homes was the General himself.
The Filipinos still love and admire this man to this day. When I spoke to my grandfather, he said, "General MacArthur saved the Philippines."
This was such a unique experience for me to learn that my family had some contact with such a man who helped shaped history and the course for the United States.


Carol Connell said...

Wow Jaime, that's really neat that General MacArthur came to your grandma's home. That's a story I'm sure you'll want to keep circulating in your family. Please tell your husband that my husband does not have a blog. He doesn't feel like he could put the time into it. He does post things from time to time on CAF(conservative apostolic forum). Hope you and Ari have a wonderful week.

Sister Connell

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Sis. Connell,
I was so excited when she told me about General MacArthur. I have a few more WWII stories that I'll post in a few more blogs. I'll be sure to let Ari know!
Jaimee Prado