Thursday, February 21, 2008

Sunday Services

This last Sunday, Jaimee and I were in Tracy and then later that evening in Fremont. In Tracy, we preached for Bro. Acosta, who is the Spanish pastor for Bro. Brown. Bro. Acosta is doing well. On Sunday afternoon, they had approximately 125 in attendance and I can't even tell you how many were visitors- needless to say there was a lot of them. God moved in a wonderful way and people were filled with the Holy Ghost and one was baptized. 

Then we headed to be with Bro. Kerr in Fremont. It's always a blessing to be in service with the good people of Revival Tabernacle. For my wife, it is always a treat of course because she is able to visit her old church and worship with family and friends. I  do have a sneaky suspicion, however, that my wife really just wants to see Luke, her nephew. Service was great. Brother Kerr's granddaughters have been bringing a friend to church who they met at school and  God filled her with the Holy Ghost during the altar call. We will back to preach there in March for their Easter service, which I am sure will be packed out with visitors. Well that's it for now...Oh, this coming Sunday we will be in Stockton preaching a short revival that actually starts on Friday night. Say a prayer for us that all goes well.

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