Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday Services

Yesterday, my husband and I were in Hayward, CA. My husband preached  the Spanish service for Bro. Silva and we had an awesome time in church. One of the new converts received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus's name. She even brought her family to watch her baptism. Another young lady who had been attending an Assemblies of God Church her whole life received the baptism of the Holy Ghost! It is so exciting to see what God is doing. 
In the evening, we were with Bro. Hall. We had a great time in church. I really enjoy being in service with the Hayward church. The Hall family are gems and we love them dearly. 


Leah said...

Yes that was an awesome service and we always love it when you guys come!! I'm always excited when i find out you guys are preaching for us (one it will be Jaimee preaching) I love you guys!!

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Hi Leah,
You did exactly what you said you would do! =) But yes, we enjoy being in Hayward! Don't you preach too? j/k

karing1960 said...

Do you guys know Mercedes? She is married to Kory Chase, who used to attend our church in Fairfield. She's a very sweet girl. I love when God moves in our services too, and His holy presence is so sweet. God bless you both!
Karen Mester

Carol Connell said...

Glad you had a good time with the Pentecostals of Hayward. Brother and Sister Hall are wonderful people. God's best to both of you!

Sis. Connell

Nely said...

we read this book in school... Jaimee just because you are a teacher now doesnt mean you have to re read all your high school books....are you goijn 2 read shakespeare yet???? is school karate lady ???? lov ya ...see u 2m...lov u guyz..Pasquelly

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Sis. Karen,
I do remember Mercedes. But I haven't seen her in awhile. I think she might have moved with her husband to a different church because I remember seeing them at Bay-Pac not too long ago.
God Bless,
Jaimee Prado

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

You read the book while you were at Fresno? It really is a moving book.