Monday, January 21, 2008

En Passant- The Prados' Book Review

    Carolyn Jessop's Escape narrates an intimate description of what life was like married to a polygamist two decades her senior. Jessop was born in Hilldale, Utah into the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints or FLDS that separated from the Mormon Church because of their stanch belief in polygamy. At the age of 18, Jessop was assigned to marry a prominent man she didn't personally know. She could not even fight the marriage which had been pre-arranged by the "prophet" of this cult- to refute it was the equivalent of refusing "God's will in my life" (pg. 77). Within fifteen years, she had eight children. 
But life was difficult for women. As a new bride, Jessop entered a marriage with a man who already had three other wives and children of their own. It was common for Jessop to fall prey to the manipulations and physical abuse of the other wives. She had no voice and was at the mercy of her often heartless husband. She knew that she had to get out. 
Jessop was determined to leave her claustrophobic and controlling life, but it wasn't an easy task. She literally jumped into a foreign world that was considered "evil" with twenty dollars to her name.
Jessop's story will leave any individual appalled and outraged of what transpires behind closed doors within the FLDS. And reader would applaud Jessop for her ability to "rebel" against the FLDS community despite the years of constant brainwashing. To her credit, Jessop courageously makes clear discernment and fights back for her family's sake in a daring escape. In 2006, her case led to the arrest and trail of Warren Jeffs.  


Sam Hassas said...

You were telling me about this. Your gonna have to bring it over for a look. Sounds interesting.

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Hi Sam,
The book will leave you outraged! But I'll bring it over- I even told Moni about it.
Jaimee P.